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Poster: schatzco-op Date: Oct 22, 2015 12:51pm
Forum: librivoxaudio Subject: Request to map Librivox id to call number


I'm working with the Internet Archive's API to search LibriVox on behalf of my users but would like an easier way to link back to LibriVox for each item. I found the LibriVox API does not meet my needs for keyword searching.

Right now the 'identifier' returned by the IA API is not directly 'resolvable' to a given item in the LibriVox catalogue—only the file resource in the archive—so I end up chomping the catalogue link from within the 'description' field where possible.

I noticed that in querying the Project Gutenberg collection, Gutenberg's call numbers are returned properly as 'call_number' in the IA API.

It would be super helpful and consistent if a query within the LibriVox collection returned the project's internal IDs as the call number. Right now nothing is returned for that field, so I sense there would be no collision with other data.


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Poster: Date: Sep 8, 2016 2:57pm
Forum: librivoxaudio Subject: Re: Request to map Librivox id to call number


In case you're still interested I keep a database for my own site which has the identifiers for all LibriVox audiobooks. If you want I can export it and send to you.

For individual audiobooks you can also use this{ARCHIVE.ORG ID}

Hope that helps,